Coyote Zenterprizes manufactures and distributes a State of the Art Current Controlled, Voltage Referenced Colloidal Silver Generator Systems that produces a fine, pure, clear and stable Colloidal Silver made for less than a dollar per gallon...monitors the water like a PPM meter and turns itself off when done at around 10PPM...or you can also make it as strong as you dare.

With Absolute Satisfaction or ALL your money back Guarantee
30 day trial.....return = refund, for no reason at all...and no hassles.

How can I offer such an amazing guarantee? Only about 1 out of 1,000 ever comes back...and usually, for no reason.
Many people buy several more of them for friends and family after trying one out.

You win? I win.

[You CAN'T lose anything...well, except for the return shipping, more than paid for after making one batch.]

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