Current Controlled, Voltage Referenced Colloidal Silver Generator Systems that produces a fine, pure, clear and stable Colloidal Silver made for less than a dollar per gallon...monitors the water like a PPM meter and turns itself off when done at around 10PPM...or you can also make it as strong as you dare.

With Absolute Satisfaction or ALL your money back Guarantee

30 day trial.....return = refund, for no reason at all...and no hassles.

How can I offer such an amazing guarantee? Only about 1 out of 1,000 ever comes back...and usually, for no reason.

Many people buy several more of them for friends and family after trying one out.

You win? I win.

[You CAN'T lose anything...well, except for the return shipping, more than paid for after making one batch.]

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The new S.W.A.P. unit [Square Wave Alternating Polarity] keeps the electrodes clean and efficiency up.

I shined a laser into the water to show the "TE". [Red line not included]


Introducing the newest version of the Series 2 Automatic CS Generators;

Set it and forget it.

"Silver 7" ..with S.W.A.P. [Square Wave Alternating Polarity] ...

In addition to "Traditional" DC output that works exactly like the tried and true "Silver 5"


This is the ONLY Colloidal Silver Generator that gives YOU the choice between two popular modes of operation with the flick of a switch.


Complete Automatic "Plug N' Play" Output Selectable Setups starting at $140.00

All you need to have is water and a jar.


Free Delivery on everything anywhere in the USA!


Now "plug n' playing" in the Americas and the EU!!!!

The "Aussie S.W.A.P."

In association with a distributer in South Australia, I have designed and built, just for Australia and New Zealand, a very clean and efficient setup for 120, 240 volts AND the many and varied Outback style personal power generation methods...the Bees sneeze for the Down-Under crowd sold under the name "SilverWell"

What is "Colloidal Silver" FOR!!!??? [FDA says I can't say, and if I did, I'd talk all day] Google it for mega hits. [Warning: Info AND 'trust the pharm' dis-info on the net...and all sorts of sales hype BS, but you'll get the idea.]



NEW!! Make your own Colloidal Silver [or just about anything] Gel




For independent reviews of the "SilverPuppy" aka "Silver Puppy" [two words], post to or search the archives on lists dedicated to Colloidal Silver such as:



..More wild and raucous, yet respectful:


..or Google "silverpuppy" "silver puppy".



Disclaimer: Everyone has one these days...like a middle name given at birth by lawyers.

"I am not an actor, I just play one in real life."

Coyote Zenterprizes does not intend to make any recommendations what-so-ever as to the use or effectiveness for any purpose of colloidal silver.

The ONLY claim that is made is to produce a high quality generator.

All testimonies are to be presumed non scientific observations and do not constitute "proof" of anything.

[Whatever "proof" is.]

All testimonies are from real people I have personal contact with...not just repeated stories.This does not mean that all observations are 100% accurate. There could be other factors involved.

.....on the other hand...observations could also be very accurate....


[I know how amazed 'I ' am]






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The Silver Coyote Current Controlled Colloidal Silver Generator


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Toenail Fungus! YUK!!

Look around all you like, but you'll find it at Coyote Zenterprizes!

Coyote Zenterprizes offers the one of the best Colloidal Silver Generators for less. It is automatic , compact, versatile and convenient. This Current Controlled Colloidal Silver Generator produces a fine clear and stable Colloidal Silver solution. Shop around and compare.


Since I began this project ; I have not had a cold or flu that amounted to anything...and only a couple that didn't amount to much.. even after being surrounded by infected people. My dentist is amazed enough over the lack of cavities and plaque on my teeth to ask what I was doing differently. [ I was accused of using Flouride] Two friends reported there's nothing better to clear up canker sores..and much more.


Search and decide for yourself if this is for real. Personally, I believe, from my own experience and an overwhelming degree of positive reports from real people I know, colloidal silver is at least highly beneficial if not absolutely everything the hype mongers say it is. [They could be right]


Now you can make your own with a highly regulated automatic process that produces a clear and stable colloidal silver for much less than comparable colloidal silver generators currently sell for elsewhere and for much much less than buying colloidal silver at the local herb store or on the web.

To date, I've only found 2 others that were comparable anywhere on the planet and they both work the same way with pretty much the same parameters ...but cost more.


Thank you

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